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Thanks to your support, we have recently received a particularly positive response

and an increasing number of people are paying attention to us.

We are pleased to introduce to you The people vs.

We would like to introduce The people vs, a brand that we have been promoting at our store.


the people vsのブランドロゴ画像

Influenced by rock culture

The company was founded with the desire to create grunge style, vintage and high quality clothing.

The brand was founded with a backbone of music, street, art, surf, retro surf rock, and punk, and with a passion for these cultures.

The brand THE PEOPLE VS was started with a passion for these cultures.

the people vsのTシャツ

It all started in a select store in a small alley in Bali.

It starts as a small business.

We don’t have the financial strength from the beginning.

But we have a lot of experience in printing techniques (vintage-like cracking and coloring), wash processing (colors and printing are now highly praised even by vintage clothing enthusiasts), silhouette, sewing techniques, etc.

Silhouettes, sewing methods, etc.

We spend a lot of time, money, and effort to research and study with passion every day, and continue to work tirelessly.

the people vsのシャツを着たピンク髪の男

Despite the small amount of money we had to start with, it was worth it to keep working hard to make it even better.

The brand became very popular and the stores were always full of customers.


the people vsの店内の画像


concept stores opened in Bali and Australia.

Three years later, they opened a store in New York.

The management team is busy traveling back and forth between Australia and New York.

the people vsの店内の画像2

In the meantime.

we will continue to participate in large scale flea markets and

We also exhibited our products at large flea markets and world-class exhibitions such as Project and magic.

The number of stores that carry our products is steadily increasing.

the people vsのロゴTシャツを着た男の他画像

There we connected with.

Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and

The strong retailers we connected with in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Asia have helped us to expand our market and grow our name recognition and brand.

This has contributed greatly to the growth of the brand and its name recognition.

the people vsのJKTを着た男の画像the people vsのアイテムを着たカップルの画像

The brand has grown significantly and

It has also successfully gotten off the ground.

Some brands, as they grow in size as a brand, become more rounded and shift toward selling more.

However, we have not.

Even though the scale of the brand has grown, we still keep the rebellious spirit of the beginning at the base and develop sharp items.

the people vsのシャツを着た男の画像 上下the people vsのアイテムを着た男女の画像

the people vsのフレームTを着た女の画像   pink髪の男の画像

This brand is very meticulous in their work, even when it comes to a single T-shirt.

As I mentioned above, the brand is very careful when it comes to the workmanship of their T-shirts, with superb color fading that would make any vintage collector groan.

The colors of the prints are faithfully reproduced in a vintage style, including the fading, cracks in the prints, and the use of old-fashioned ink colors.

The vintage look has been faithfully reproduced and incorporated.

the people vsのイーグルTシャツを着た女の画像

the people vsのアイテムでトータルコーディネートをした男女の画像

Also, the Australian store has been visited by

Justin Bieber often visited the store in Australia and was often seen wearing the brand on SNAP, which further ignited the popularity of the brand.


the people vsのアイテムを着たジャスティンビーバーの画像 the people vsのアイテムを着たジャスティンビーバーの画像2

the people vsのアイテムを着たジャスティンビーバーの画像3

This brand is really quite popular.

Even if you try to order when you want to order, the stock is always low and you may not be able to order as much as you would like.

It is often difficult to place an order if you miss the timing.

The people vsのライダースとデニムを着た女性の画像

That is how popular they are.

The people vsのアイテムでトータルコーディネートをした男女の画像2 The people vsのアイテムを着た女性とデニムを穿いた男の画像


And while the

Although the atmosphere of the brand exudes

METALICA, NIRVANA, LETCHLI, the cure, JOY DIVISION, kiss,Iron maden, Misfits, etc…

Punk bands are at the top of the list.

We have been using various bands as motifs and collaborating with them.

The respect for the music scene is felt by using not only bands but also Hip-hop such as Wu-tang and Public enemy as motifs, and the brand is also known for its respect for the music culture.

You can feel the respect for the music scene and the importance this brand attaches to music culture.


The deep connection between fashion and music has always been felt.

The backbone and respect of the music culture that these designers have been involved in and touched, and their knowledge of vintage music are fused together to create a collection that is both current and trendy.

and knowledge of vintage music, and to create a unique and unique style.

and what the designers think is cool now,
and express their view of the world with full of originality.


The people vsのロゴ2 The people vsのTシャツを着た女性とロンTを着た男の画像

The people vs. brand has been able to grow as a brand through continuous efforts and imagining an original view of the world.

The people vs. brand has been able to grow as a brand.

It is the fruit of them efforts.



Not so well known yet in japan

It is really very popular.

It is very difficult to obtain them due to the lack of stock on the brand side if the timing is not right.


The people vsのMA1を着た男の画像


So, if you have something you are interested in

Please be sure to purchase as soon as possible.

■”it” by Funny’s online store THE PEOPLE VS page


We look forward to serving you.



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