Behind the scene for promotion 2

We will again post images from a recent photo shoot.

We hope you will find them useful as style samples.

Model 172cm 65kg

Outer/THE PEOPLE VS/Varsity JKT/XXL/¥37,400→¥31,000-(tax in)

In/THE PEOPLE VS/”DBL” logo sweat/XL/¥23,100→¥18,500(tax in)

Bottom/THE PEOPLE VS/”Lithium” denim/30 inch/¥25,960→¥20,800-(tax in)

Cap/47/L.A dodgers/Beige/¥3,850→¥2,700-(tax in)

Accesory/Vitaly/”Riot”choker chain necklace/¥19,910→¥14,000-(tax in)

The style photographed was mainly the Varsity jkts from The people vs.

The innerwear and pants are both from the same brand, creating a cohesive look.

The styling is street style with a grunge-like feel, just like TPVS.

The innerwear is a simple logo sweatshirt.

The vintage-like coloring creates a great atmosphere.

The brand was founded by a man with a deep knowledge of vintage and secondhand clothing.

Each season, the brand decides on a theme and develops a collection that incorporates details and designs from the 60s~90s era.

Each season, the brand develops its collections by incorporating details and designs from the 60’s to the 90’s. The collection is also designed by a man with a deep knowledge of vintage clothing.

In addition

grunge and rock/punk music culture is at the root of the brand, and many of the items, such as the “Bang T”, are developed with a sense of such atmosphere.

and other items that give off such a vibe.

By the way

This stadium jacket is characterized by the two lines of ribs.

This jacket has the same 2 or 3 lines as the original stadium jacket, and this jacket is also a reproduction of it.

This stadium jacket is a reproduction of the same style.

And this “DBL” logo sweatshirt used as innerwear.

DBL” logo sweatshirt.

The color has been faded to reproduce the same vintage look.

The sweatshirt has a wide body width and is not too long, creating an exquisite silhouette.

I personally own this sweatshirt.

It’s not just simple and cool.

As I mentioned above, this item is full of the vintage-savvy designer’s attention.

The original color of this sweatshirt is faded, but as you wear it and wash it, the color will fade very cool, and it will become more vintage-like.

It will fade very coolly and become more vintage-like as it is worn and washed.

And even though the color of the fabric fades, the logo does not lose its color, and the contrast between the body and the logo becomes clear, and the logo looks more and more like it is coming to the surface.

The logo will be more and more visible, and it will look even cooler than when it was brand new.

The color is intentionally made to fade easily so that you can enjoy the change over time.

This item is full of the designer’s care and thought.

Thanks to your support, there are only a few of these sweatshirts left.

I personally highly recommend this item.

In addition, because it is subject to sale until 21:00 on the 22nd

If you are interested, please take this opportunity to purchase.

■”it” by Funny’s online storeページ


We look forward to serving you.



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