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Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of new visitors to our BLOG and ONLINE STORE.

We are pleased to announce that the number of new visitors to our BLOG and ONLINE STORE has increased considerably.

I would like to introduce again the DOMREBEL

I would like to reintroduce the DOMREBEL that I announced yesterday.


2003 ,

Founded in Montreal, Canada, by two men, Justin and Dont.

The company was founded in 2003 in Montreal, Canada by two men, Justin and Dont.


domrebel skull fireデザインの画像



Rebellis =rebellion

The name of the brand was derived from and combined with the word “rebellious spirit.

Even now, all of the designs are firmly rooted in the mindset of those days.

They only had $350 as capital for the company and

Nevertheless, they founded the company.

They have limited knowledge of the fashion industry and no knowledge of brand management.

knowledge of the fashion industry, and have no knowledge of how to run a brand.

domrebel neverlandのデザイン画 domrebel mickのTシャツを着用した人のスナップ画像

But they do not make excuses for their lack of knowledge or lack of funds.

He works hard, day and night, with passion and dedication.

In the garage at home

Hand silk-screened, hand-printed, hand-damaged, hand-studded, and hand-washed.

Damaged, studded, washed, painted, and

painted, and

with passion, one piece at a time.

And then

I started selling them in my garage.

and sold them.

domrebelのMICK Teeを着用した二人の人の画像


Gradually, it became popular.

The garage was used as a warehouse and shop to sell T-shirts.

The garage was used as a warehouse and shop to sell T-shirts, and the business began to grow.

At first, they also made denim, but their handmade T-shirts became popular.

But the handmade T-shirts became so popular that

We shifted the direction of our brand to making handmade T-shirts.


After that, with the two people who started up the business and

We continued to produce and sell products with the help of the two people who launched the company and the people who cooperated with us.

It was all worth it, and before we knew it

the existence of the DOMREBEL brand

gradually spread.

ドムレーベル never landのデザイン画

And now

Finally, we have stores in Montreal and Toronto.

The brand, which had been produced and sold in garages

beyond the boundaries of the garage and began to attract attention.


domrebelのポップな写真 domrebelのTシャツを着たポップ画像

We then invited buyers, store officials, and people in the fashion industry.

We held shows and held various forms of advertisements and events to expand our name recognition.

The shows were overflowing with people.

And the brand grew and grew.




Three years after its establishment, PROJECT has already been established.

We exhibited a booth at the world’s largest trade show, PROJECT, held in Las Vegas, and signed contracts with numerous select shops and department stores.

and signed contracts with a number of select stores and department stores.




Then one day, a great opportunity presents itself.

A stylist for the world-famous band U2

asks DOMREBEL to create the stage costumes for their tour.

We took it on.

The tour was a success, with costumes for 360 stops around the world.

And thanks to that, the brand name has spread further around the world.

the brand name spread further around the world.

 domrebelのBon garconスウェットを着用した画像

After that, we exhibited at Pitti Uomo in Europe (which is more famous than the previous exhibition).

Pitti Uomo (which is more famous than the previous exhibition) and

and was featured as a brand to watch.

Customers include Rihanna, Chris Brown, Axl Rose of GUNS&ROSES, ZAYN of ONEDIRECTION, chance the rapper

rapper Jim Jones.

Recently, the young rapper, swae lee,,

And among the Japanese, Kozue Akimoto

Kozue Akimoto has been wearing the shoes and posting them on her Instagram…


Other famous fashion influencers have worn the brand and

The brand is now gaining popularity.

In recent years, the brand has been featured in

Harvey nichols, Selfridge’s, and other high-fashion department stores in the U.K.

Harvey nichols, Selfridge, and

Neiman Marcus, a well-known department store in the U.S.

Neiman Marcus



It is now being sold in department stores and select stores of high sensitivity, including others.


At first, they had a hard time, but they continued to work hard and

The efforts paid off, and the brand

The brand has won popularity.

The designs that Dom Label produces are

social satire, or they may be based on a certain character, or they may be

a certain character, or a respect for an artist.

respect for the artist, or a certain character.

Each design has its own meaning and is very interesting to look at.

The designs are very interesting to look at.

As the name Dominus rebellis implies, the brand is still successful.

Dominus rebellis is a brand that is still successful.

The designs are designed with this mindset, and

Dominus rebellis is a unique and one-of-a-kind brand.



We are planning to have them in stock in the near future.

It is a very popular brand, so it is hard to get them as you would expect.

If you are interested in this brand, please check it out.

■”it” by Funny’s online store DOMREBEL Page


We hope you enjoy it.


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