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In this issue.

We have been dealing with this brand for many years.

and the most difficult brand to obtain.

Cotton Citizen”.

We are pleased to once again introduce you to the “Cotton Citizen” brand.

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Cotton Citizen

A brand that originated in California.

The company has been undertaking processing and dyeing of premium denim and other fabrics for more than 35 years.

“American dye house”.

The brand started from a famous factory called “American dye house” that had been undertaking processing and dyeing of premium denim for more than 35 years.

This brand started when two brothers took over such a factory from their parents.

<Bronx zipper sweat pants 税込¥34,100- >


The refined and pursued technology and

We have decided to establish “Cotton Citizen”, a quality-conscious cut-and-sew brand, using our own factory know-how and integrated production system.

Cotton Citizen”, a quality-conscious cut-and-sew brand, was established.

The initial concept of the brand was “High quality denim with high quality T-shirts”.

At first, they started making mainly T-shirts.

<Presley slub cotton Tee 税込¥14,300->

The colors created by the high level of dyeing and fading techniques (wash processing, etc.) are beautiful and complex.

complex and beautiful.

It has become a popular brand in the blink of an eye.

<Bronx sweat shirts 税込¥36,300->


And with the connections we’ve built up

We are now selling our products at high-end department stores such as Barney’s New York and Self Ridge.

and self-ridge, and is becoming more and more popular.


KITH NYC also started to carry the brand last year.

<Jagger cut off Tee 税込 ¥13,310->



And across industries.

design, marketers, sales, finance

production management to join our team.

We had a small, elite team and worked hard to expand the brand to ensure that it would not be a one-off.

We worked hard to expand our scale with a small, elite team.


The brand has been working hard to expand its scale with a small, elite team, while keeping up with trends.

The brand’s collections are sophisticated, minimalistic, and edgy, and have been worn by a variety of influencers.

The collection has been worn by a variety of influencers and has garnered even more attention.

カイリージェンナーがcotton citizenのアイテムを着用している画像 ケンドリックラマーがcotton citizenのTシャツを着ているライブの画像

For the loyal customers.

Rapper and collaborator Travis Scott, whose sneakers have commanded a premium price.

Kendrick Lamar, David Beckham, Shawn Mendes.

David Beckham, Shawn Mendes, etc. etc.

トラビススコットがcotton citizenのTシャツを着ている画像 ベッカムがcotton citizenのTシャツを着ている画像

ヘイリービーバーがcotton citizenを着用した画像 1 ヘイリービーバーがcotton citizenを着用した画像 2

In Women.

Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid

Emily Rutkowski

Kylie Jenner/Kendall Jenner sisters, the

Haley Bieber,.


Famous fashion influencers are using our products.


ジジハディッドがcotton citizenのアイテムを着用している画像 1

ジジハディッドがcotton citizenのアイテムを着用している画像 2  ジジハディッドが上下共にcotton citizenのアイテムを着用している画像

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This Cotton Citizen is a great choice.

We don’t just focus on what we say is comfortable to wear or that we use the world’s finest materials, but we also use the technology that has been developed in our factories.

The design is based on the technology cultivated in the factory.

We use wash processing, damage processing, slits, side zips, and other techniques.

They are dyed in complex and beautiful colors, and are not just a plain brand, but a brand that is full of originality and edge.

It is not just a plain brand, but a brand that is full of originality, edgy, sophisticated, and fashion oriented.

It is a brand with a high sense of fashion.

<Cooper L/S Thermal 税込 ¥22,880->

cotton citizenのメンズアイテムのルック撮影画像


In recent years, the brand has not only been sold at select stores and high-sensitivity department stores around the world, but also at concept shops expressing the brand’s world view, such as Melrose, Los Angeles, and other major department stores.

We have also established concept stores expressing our world view in Melrose in Los Angeles, New York, and

New stores have been opened at Melrose in Los Angeles, Melrose in New York, and in luxury hotels.

Although still a young brand, it is expanding rapidly.


New products are sold out immediately after they are released, so they are very hard to find now.

Also, it seems that it is difficult for new customers to handle the brand now unless they have special connections.

In Japan, the brand is only available at places that have been carrying it for many years or at a limited number of stores.

<Bronx crew neck sweat ¥31,900->


This is a very attractive and rare brand.

It is quite rare for us to carry men’s wear, so if you are interested in this brand, please come and see us while we have it in stock.

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We sincerely look forward to serving you.



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